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About me....

I've just come back to update this page (4/1/13) as in the last year there's been plenty of life changes! The lesson it's taught me is to keep this page brief and for those wanting to know more please sign up to my Facebook page.  

My work has developed over time and my main interest now comes in creating contemporary mosaic wall hanging art and sculpture.

My aim is to create work that is accessible, engaging, beautiful and eye-catching! A little out of the ordinary.

My work is mostly inspired by the beauty of nature and I have a particular fondness for fish.

Most of my pieces are made with stained glass with each small piece being precisely cut by hand using a glass cutter. Each artwork is unique and individual. Some pieces may take 2 or 3 days to complete, others weeks or months.

I have also in the last few years discovered printmaking. Specifically 'Woodcut' print making. I find the whole process incredibly satisfying, it being a very basic and simple technique needing little equipment but relying instead on the skill of the artist.

I worked for the South London & Maudsley NHS Trust in an arts project for people with mental health support needs (Network Arts Lewisham) for 12 years until I was made redundant in July 2012.

I called it my 'perfect job' and found it immensely rewarding, supporting and facilitating people to discover and develop their own creative talents.

I will always consider myself privledged to have had the opportunity to have worked along side such incredible people.

So what other life changes in 2012 apart from losing my much loved job? Well, After about 18 years living in London, we moved to Fleet in Hampshire in  February 2012. Big change and miss it lots but lovely to be closer to family here.

I have taken on the role of house husband and I'm hoping I'll get some time to carry on with my artwork.

And finally, before updating this page, I'd wrote this:

"I am happily married and blessed with two beautiful boys named Blake and Fraser.

I have so much to be thankful for. I hope you enjoy the artwork."

I now have even more to be thankful for. On 10/11/12 my incredible wife gave birth to our third son, Rafe.

2012!! Quite a year!!

Update 2017! In May 2014 little Aiden was born! 4 boys!! Wow!

You might notice my art output is somewhat down!


















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