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About me....

The work I make reflects what interests me. Which makes it quite simple! Of course, that immediate need for self-deprecation writing this, reflects another less simple side. I tried Stand up Comedy for a couple of years don’t you know?! (You do now. I was okay on occasion, but it was before the days of YouTube so don’t bother searching! ; ) I digress.*


Themes? Fish, fighters, Famously flawed fantastic film stars…. flights of fancy. Honestly, why be restricted? I work in a range of styles and mediums. Mosaic, Print Making, Painting, pottery, Papier Mache. I know, ‘many trades, master of none’ Maybe that’s true. Hopefully, it’s all ‘eyecatchingart’!

I know some people enjoy it and I appreciate that. Read below for the digressions!



* Art was the thing I was always ‘good at’ and something I’ve always to a greater or lesser degree created throughout my life. I went to art college but found instead of feeling enthused and creative, I felt restricted and discouraged. It was a long time ago. I dropped out and joined a co-operative, audience participatory theatre company. I realised my interest was in how art could bring people together, to build community, to heal the individual.


We steer our lives along their flow (I say ‘go with the flow’) as best we can. Theatre, Painting & Decorating, unemployment, love and loss… A few years later, I was so privileged to find myself living in South London, working in an arts project funded by the NHS working with people with mental health support needs. Great people and unforgettable memories. It was a dream job and I worked there for 12 years. Cuts in funding eventually found us and I was made redundant. By this time I’d met my wife and had two young sons.


We moved out of London to Hampshire. I became daddy day care and my wife commuted to work. Two more precious boys arrived….My artwork took a back burner. Our greatest creations took precedence.

So here, to the here and now. I’m creating again. I’m a part time art tutor with Surrey County Council working with the outreach team. I’m trying to find a balance between it all. My art reflects me. It's as simple or as complex as you want to make it. I think it reflects us all.



















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