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About me....

I work in a range of styles and mediums. Mosaic, Print Making, Painting, even Papier Mache and quite recently Plasticine! Quite honestly, why be restricted? Between the various techniques and mediums, I feel like there is a unifying aesthetic. Bright, graphic, illustrative, my work is immediate, direct and accessible to all.  At a recent Art Fair, I noticed how parents carrying their young children would point out my paintings to them with a single word like ‘Fish’. A smile of recognition and understanding could be shared between parent and child. It was also at this Art fair where a young child filling out the Art Quiz given on entry had entered my name as the art that made them smile. That’ll do for me.

‘All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.’ Pablo Picasso


I love this quote! More than twenty years ago I went to art college but found instead of feeling enthused and creative, I felt restricted and discouraged. I dropped out and joined a co-operative, audience participatory theatre company. I realised my interest was in how art could bring people together, to build community, to heal the individual.

My career path has been anything but simple and has taken various tangents along the way. I suppose the underlying thread has been my caring about people and our world and my own creativity combined with the simple need to make a living.

Painting and decorating, forestry, lifeguard, stacking shelves, Stand Up Comedy, Street entertainer, Support worker for people with physical and learning disabilities… Eventually, in the year 2000, I was so privileged to find myself living in South London, working in an arts project funded by the NHS working with people with mental health support needs. Great people and unforgettable memories. It was a dream job and I worked there for 12 years.

Unfortunately, like so many other great initiatives, cuts in funding eventually found us and I was made redundant.

By this time, I’d met my incredible wife and we had two young sons. We moved out of London to Hampshire to be closer to family. I took on the role of daddy day care and my wife commuted to work. Somehow, (don’t know how that happened!) Two more precious boys arrived (4 boys!) …. My artwork took a back burner. Our greatest creations took precedence.

Our eldest is just turning 10 this year (2018). I can hardly believe it.

And so to the here and now. As well as the school runs I’m working as a part time art tutor with Surrey County Council working with the outreach team- Probation, long term unemployed, homeless groups… Trying to share all the possibilities that engaging with our creativity can open up to us as individuals and together.

I’m also creating my own new work and exhibiting and promoting it where I can.


Thank you for your interest. Feedback always welcome. Appreciate it.


















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