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I have been leading, or as i prefer to say, facilitating art workshops for over 20 years. Working with people of all ages, abilities, expectations and motivations. From ever so keen primary school children to ever so reluctant ex offenders and everyone in between! So many times I've heard people say 'I'm no good at art'. Its great to prove them wrong!

With my extensive experience in art in mental health I have seen first hand what a positive effect participating in art activity can have in peoples' mental health and well being.

I believe in learning by doing, by creating the right atmosphere and instilling the confidence in people to have a go.

I like to create a friendly, relaxed, supportive environment where people can learn not only from myself but from each other.  

Mosaic, relief printmaking, papier mache, stone painting, model making, mask making.......


All enquiries welcome. Happy to have a chat about any ideas you might have.


Below are some pictures and quotes from various workshops over the years.


‘Have really enoyed the mosaic workshops. I’m hooked!’

Samamtha (workshop participant)


‘He came very well prepared with lots of resources (physical and online).’

‘He created a relaxed atmosphere working with all ages and diversities.’

‘We were very fortunate to have Steve who is talented in many disciplines as our tutor’

Anna Macfarlane (workshop participant)

‘Steve has been a pleasure to work with – he has a passion for art, and this is evident in his ability to inspire, encourage and motivate others regardless of the abilities. Steve is naturally cheerful with a great sense of humour’

Jenny Phillips (former work colleague)


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‘THANK YOU SO MUCH for a BRILLIANT stone painting session.’

Suzanne (Workshop Organiser